Neat™ Men Intro Pack

Neat™ Men Intro Pack

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Includes 2 men's shirts in the same size: a white sweat-blocking undershirt and a black sweatproof tee. The undershirt is designed to be worn solely as an undershirt to protect an outer garment, while the black tee is a classic black tee. 

It’s normal to sweat as we move about our lives. The clothes we wear just need to keep up.

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Israel Israel

I've got a Compensating sweat and these shirts are amazing.

Shobu F.
United States United States
Pure Comfort and Peace of Mind

These are easily the most comfortable T-shirts I have ever worn (I purchased a 4-pack). Here's why: The material is thicker than what you would expect, but feels much cooler, off the bat, which makes it feel lighter than a regular t-shirt somehow. When I sweat, (I sweat a lot), I don't feel gross or look gross. All colors are awesome and have not faded after dozens of washes. Will buy more!

Neat™ | Sweat-Proof Apparel Neat™ Men Intro Pack Review
Doug H.
United States United States
My Must Have T-Shirt

Love love love this t-shirt. I have perspired (aka - sweaty) my entire life and just prayed it didn't embarrass me too much. Not always successful. :-( Now with Neat I can run around on even a hot day and when i start to sweat I don't have to worry about covering it up. what a relief.

United States United States
Didn't believe it

I am a picky shopper and hate looking sweaty. I was a bit apprehensive when I first ran into Neat, and bought them to test them. I gotta admit: they work amazingly well. Very high quality garments, they fit me perfectly (I am a big guy- 6' 4", 220lbs and XL is perfect). The shirts don't shrink much at all after washing / drying in high heat. I wish they made dress shirts and more colors. Highly recommend them! ps: see images of belly sweat on the inside, no-show on the outside

Neat™ | Sweat-Proof Apparel Neat™ Men Intro Pack ReviewNeat™ | Sweat-Proof Apparel Neat™ Men Intro Pack Review

It's hard to shop online. It's hard to find authenticity in advertisements. I've went through a number of solutions (including other sweat-proof undershirts) before coming here. I won't lie, the price almost threw me off. It's a tough price, but man, the very least I can say is that the product isn't phony. Good material, and most importantly it did the job, it covered the sweat. Covered my back, not like the other ones which only act like armpit towels, but do no service to the rest of the body. Well done, guys.

Magic under the hood

Neat® fabric is sweat-activated.

Reliable down to the last drop

Hides sweat

Sweat-activated fabric stops moisture from escaping to the outside of the shirt. 

Faster drying times

Maze-like fabric system can diffuse sweat like magic.

Reduces stickiness

Sweat is redirected away from the body to keep parts of the shirt completely dry.

Neat® Fabric

Neat® is a patented blend of fabric and technology that protects you from looking sweaty from the inside out.

Neat® vs.

Like wearing a soft cotton t-shirt with sweat-activated superpowers..