Neat™ Undershirt 4-Pack (Crew/V-Neck)

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Includes 4 sweat-blocking undershirts, all in the same size. Trusted to keep sweat hidden. It’s normal to sweat as we move about our lives. The clothes we wear just need to keep up.

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Alexander C.
Canada Canada


These are great. Just like their shirts. Just keep in mind that since they are undershirts the size will be slightly smaller.

Brandon C.
United States United States

Hyperhidrosis - Mid Body Sweat Lifesaver

I had ets surgery years ago which caused compensatory sweating in the truck of my body. In the summer it is extreme and very difficult in the Arizona summers. In my line of work I meet a lot of people and have to dress business causal daily. There is nothing more embarrassing than meeting a client with sweat seeping out areas of my shirts. I was looking for a nice undershirt that absorbed sweat through the whole shirt area not just underarm areas like most shirts. To my surprise this shirt works EXACTLY as advertised. Yes if you sweat a lot you can still feel it under the shirt but no sweat escaped to the outside of the undershirt as well as no sweat was visible on my outer shirt. I have tried all the "sweat" protector shirts out there and this is the only one I have found that gave me full protection all over my upper body not just certain areas. Highly highly recommend even if your sweating is not as extreme as mine.

Paul S.
United States United States


These are decent undershirts. They do feel heavier than the Dri-fit material I was using before. It also feels like I sweat more, but they do hide most of the sweat. I still have a little show through my work shirt at my waist and shoulders. Overall, still better than the full soak through I used to deal with.

United States United States

As advertised

I purchased the Neat crew and v-neck undershirts is size M (6'2, 185), use the v-necks under button up shirts for work and the crew necks for the gym, basketball, and most recently skiing. While I do not generally sweat through cotton undershirts, I much prefer the fitted feel and vastly superior moisture wicking of Neat. The v-neck fit is particularly notable if you wear tailored or slim fit shirts. The crew necks are perfect for mitigating sweat pooling during all of the above sports. I also wear the crews when lugging around my daughter in those front or back baby carriers. Neat has replaced my DriFit shirts for winter sports, as Neat keeps me warmer / drier pre and post exertion.



It's hard to shop online. It's hard to find authenticity in advertisements. I've went through a number of solutions (including other sweat-proof undershirts) before coming here. I won't lie, the price almost threw me off. It's a tough price, but man, the very least I can say is that the product isn't phony. Good material, and most importantly it did the job, it covered the sweat. Covered my back, not like the other ones which only act like armpit towels, but do no service to the rest of the body. Well done, guys.

Magic under the hood

Neat® fabric is sweat-activated.

Reliable down to the last drop

Hides sweat

Sweat-activated fabric stops moisture from escaping to the outside of the shirt. 

Faster drying times

Maze-like fabric system can diffuse sweat like magic.

Reduces stickiness

Sweat is redirected away from the body to keep parts of the shirt completely dry.

Neat® Fabric

Neat® is a patented blend of fabric and technology that protects you from looking sweaty from the inside out.

Neat® vs.

Like wearing a soft cotton t-shirt with sweat-activated superpowers..