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Technical tee, made with Neat™ Fabric to keep sweat hidden.

It's normal to sweat as we move about our lives. We see that as a sign of progress.
The clothes we wear just need to keep up. 

Sweat bullets:

    • Blend of fabric and technology
    • Sweat-hiding from the inside out
    • 95% Premium Cotton \ 5% Spandex 
    • Tumble dries without shrinking
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Shanna S.
United States

Sweat proof!

My husband sweats like he is in the shower when the temp goes above 60deg or when he is working out - his shirts are usually soaked through, this shirt didn’t show any sweat, even when running outside on hot days in the sun - mind-blowing. He said he felt cooled by the shirt (I was worried that it would just trap all the heat/water against his skin but he said it was the opposite, he felt cooler and drier). I also splashed him with water and the outside of the shirt looked wet for less than 5min. Pretty impressive :)

Morgan H.
United States United States

Magic t-shirts

I am a very sweaty person. Thanks to genetics and medications, if the temperature is above 65F or I’m doing any kind of moderate activity, I’m sweating. My back seems to sweat first, and the most. I soak through shirts in no time, leaving me physically uncomfortable and very embarrassed. I work a physical labor job, and while sweat is to be expected, I am sweaty way before and way after my peers and wouldn’t dream of letting anyone else see me with my soaked clothes. Just a short walk from the car into a restaurant on a warm humid day, and I’ve already got visible wet spots on my back. I decided to try these shirts, which are way out of my price range, thinking that they’d either be miraculous or I would return them. Well….they are miraculous. They look and feel way closer to a regular cotton tee rather than a wicking “sports shirt”. I get super sweaty, as usual, but it’s my little secret because my shirt looks totally dry. And then the shirt does actually dry faster than a cotton tee, so I am truly dry and comfortable again soon after I stop sweating. I can’t believe I didn’t find these shirts until now.

Edgar O.
United States United States

Best shirts on the market hands down!

Not only do they not sweat through, they keep you cool. Superb product!

Philip M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Serves as a great t-shirt and undershirt

One of the best sweat-proof t-shirts. Stops back and chest sweat stains. Just wish it did a bit of a better job of preventing underarm sweat stains. But overall great t-shirt.

Rob M.
United States United States

Excellent quality

They work well.

Magic under the hood

Neat® fabric is sweat-activated.

Reliable down to the last drop

Hides sweat

Sweat-activated fabric stops moisture from escaping to the outside of the shirt. 

Faster drying times

Maze-like fabric system can diffuse sweat like magic.

Reduces stickiness

Sweat is redirected away from the body to keep parts of the shirt completely dry.

Neat® Fabric

Neat® is a patented blend of fabric and technology that protects you from looking sweaty from the inside out.

Neat® vs.

Like wearing a soft cotton t-shirt with sweat-activated superpowers..

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