10 Thoughts For When Hyperhidrosis Makes You Feel Down

Live well with hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a frustrating condition to live with - even saying it like that is an understatement. It feels damning, dirty, and depressing. Nevertheless, there is hope for sufferers to find peace of mind despite the discomfort and distress it causes. This post will highlight some positive thoughts that sufferers can dwell on to overcome the negative ones that typically surface. 

1. Hyperhidrosis Is Biological & Likely Genetic 

Just because you may have an issue with excess sweating, it doesn't mean that you are any less hygienic than people with normal sweat production. Hyperhidrosis stems from biological and genetic causes. Your wash and grooming routine has nothing to do with sweat production. If anything, people with hyperhidrosis are more in tune with hygiene because it takes more effort to stay dry.

2. You Can’t Just Will Hyperhidrosis Away

Contrary to popular belief, excessive sweating is not something that is caused by too much heat, too much exercise, or too much stress. It is the result of an automatic bodily response gone haywire. So whenever you feel like you should have a grip on it, always remember that you're dealing with a condition that you did not choose. Be patient with yourself!

3. Your Condition Doesn’t Define You

True, some people may remember your palms for being wet if you shook their hands. But that hyperhidrosis doesn’t define who you are. You're just as capable and talented and loved as your everyone else you know, and you can live a normal life.

4. You Can Succeed in Spite of Hyperhidrosis

If you think that excessive sweating only affects a few unlucky people, you’ll be surprised. Some of the biggest celebrities on the planet suffer from hyperhidrosis. They include the likes of Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Steve Carell, David Hasselhoff, and Robert Pattinson. Nevertheless, they did not allow their condition to hold them back from accomplishing big things.

5. A Wide Range of Treatment Options Exists

As frustrating as managing hyperhidrosis can be, there are many treatment options at your disposal. Not all will work for you and it might take some experimentation to find the right ones. But hyperhidrosis often responds to one or a combination of treatments ranging from medications to botox injections to laser therapy and surgery. Of course, a simple and effective way that is practical in hyperhidrosis management is wearing sweat-resistant fabrics and sweat-resistant undershirts. They can mask excessive sweating and make you feel a little bit drier.

6. Negative Thoughts Are Normal from Time to Time 

As it is with any chronic condition, it's normal to occasionally feel down when a bout of sweating occurs. You are not selfish or too critical of yourself if at times you are overwhelmed with ruminating thoughts about your condition. The key is to recognize and acknowledge how and what you feel and to find ways to deflect those negative thoughts.

7. The Severity of Excessive Sweating Can Decrease Over Time

Excessive sweating tends to affect people in a peak and valley type manifestation. Sometimes it's better or worse and determining why that's the case is often tricky. Nevertheless, many people have admitted their hyperhidrosis becomes easier to manage once they get a better handle on the condition. Even if it seems like you will always be drenched with sweat 24/7, there may come a time where it doesn't bother you as much.

8. Understanding Excessive Sweating Triggers Can Help

Closely related to the last point is the importance of self-awareness. Many people experience a decrease in the severity of their symptoms but that usually comes with better management of their condition. To get there, that usually takes some self-awareness of what may aggravate excessive sweating. Once you find the right treatments and management protocols, it becomes easier to manage your condition in the long run.

9. Remember How Much You’ve Overcome

For many of you, hyperhidrosis began in your adolescent years when appearance took precedence. Assuming you're reading this as an adult with a job and a family now, keep in mind the obstacles that you've overcome to get to this point in your life. If hyperhidrosis kept you back, you likely wouldn't have achieved the things you did. So always give yourself a pat on the back and don't beat yourself up because of your condition. You made it this far.

10. There are Resources & Communities to Give You Support 

Always remember that you are not alone. Current estimates say that 2-3% of the US population suffers from hyperhidrosis. If you do the math, you'll realize that that's a lot of people. There’s a countless number of people who have formed communities and organizations that support you in your efforts to manage hyperhidrosis. You may even stumble across ideas and solutions that you just won't find in an article like this. 

There’s More to You Than Extra Sweat

By understanding your unique manifestation of hyperhidrosis and making appropriate lifestyle changes, you can overcome this condition. Like millions of others worldwide who live with excessive sweating,you can thrive and live the life you were meant to live.