Our Sweat-Proof Technology

Hi-tech sweat-proof technology. It's Neat™, the fabric

We know we know. You're half blown away. Half looking to call our bluff. If a property like this could be achieved, why hasn't one of the big boys brought it to market? Before you go-on hating, here's the science of it.  


Neat sweat proof technology vs competitors

Neat® is a patented blend of moisture wicking fabric and sweat proof technology that protects you from looking sweaty from the inside out.  In other words: Neat® allows the garment to capture the excessive sweating and body odor, while channeling in a "maze" that spreads the moisture inside the garment helping it dry more rapidly.

At the same time, Neat creates a hydro shield that stops that moisture from escaping to the outside of the garment, keeping it looking "clean" and perfectly dry.

Neat moisture wicking fabric
Neat sweat-proof clothing sweat levels

Properties of Neat® :

👀 Hides sweat
🌵 Speeds up drying times
😅 Reduces stickiness
👕 Irons-out wrinkles
🚫 Stain and water resistant

We look at sweat as a sign of progress. You don't have to play a sport to feel proud about it. It just means you're on it. After it. The problem is the way our clothes respond to sweat. It gets ugly fast. We want to take the shame out of sweating and put the onus on our shirts to be better. 

Sweat this way,
- Neat

Fabric tested at up to 120
° over 8 mins. Shirt is split 50/50 normal cotton to Neat (yes, it's a bit staged...but you get the point 😅 )