No Sweat. No Problem.

Our shirts keep sweat hidden.

Neat™ is a blend of fabric and technology that protects you from looking sweaty from the inside out. It’s normal to sweat as we move about our lives. The clothes we wear just need to keep up.

Think, windshield wipers for sweat.

Reliable down to the last drop

Hides sweat

Sweat-activated fabric stops moisture from escaping to the outside of the shirt.

Faster drying times

Maze-like fabric system can diffuse sweat like magic.

Reduces stickiness

Sweat is redirected away from the body to keep parts of the shirt completely dry.


Awesome Technology! I know the shirt is meant more for casual wear but I decided to test it out on a 4 mile run in 85° heat with full sun. Normally I would have a sweat stain covering my entire chest, but this shirt absorbed all the moisture on the inside and kept me from looking like I just got out of the pool.


I was a little apprehensive to purchase this shirt because of the price but my friend talked me into and and boy am I glad he did. This shirt is fantastic! It feels great to wear. Similar to other athletic apparel material but much more comfortable. And the Sweatproof tech really works!


I bought this t-shirt for my husband who sweats a lot, especially in warmer weather. He is sometimes embarrassed when he isn't working out, but has sweat marks on his shirt and under his arms. He usually sweats at birthday parties, family dinners, holiday parties. His sweat marks do not show through this shirt. It is incredible. I don't understand how it works, but it does.


T-shirt performed incredibly well after two hours cycling under 80 degree heat. I came home to see ZERO sweat at my armpit. I would feel very comfortable wearing this during daily life, business meetings, social events, summer and more. I also bought a white undershirt, fits comfortably, the material is durable and very soft. Would definitely buy again.


I came across the listing for this t-shirt and was curious to check out the “sweatproof” claims. I have to say, after wearing it a couple of times now, I’m hooked!

The shirt itself is a great cut and fit for casual wear, with super comfortable fabric that seems like it will hold up really well. And the sweatproof fabric is exactly as described—it seems like it basically wicks any sweat away without feeling damp or showing any change in color. A game changer!


Beyond a t-shirt! Unbelievably comfortable and the material is nothing like I’ve purchased before. Material wickers sweat without a trace and stays dry. Worth the investment.


I was very impressed with the T-shirt’s ability to hold any sweat on the inside - even after a hard workout. There was zero showing of sweat marks on the outside. The material has super comfortable as well - stretchy and soft, really pleasant to wear. Highly recommend


Sounds too good to be true?

Don't sweat it! Test it for 30 days, return it for full refund if you're not happy.