12 Resources to Help You Live Better With Hyperhidrosis

hyperhidrosis resources

You might consciously accept that you’re not the only one who suffers from hyperhidrosis but subconsciously, you might not believe it. It’s an isolating feeling. If that describes how you feel then you may need some external resources as a form of support. 

These resources may include a wide array of “safe havens” ranging from support groups to product guides. This post will provide links to such resources, which can guide you on your journey to better understand and manage hyperhidrosis. 

Support Groups/Social Media Communities

Knowing that you’re not alone in the fight against hyperhidrosis is a key ingredient for maintaining good spirits. Thanks to social media and the web, there are online communities available for you to voice your frustrations and hopes. 

Hyperhidrosis Sufferers Unite (Facebook)

Facebook may seem passe for some, but it’s home to one of the larger, more active hyperhidrosis groups online - Hyperhidrosis Sufferers Unite. Members freely post pictures of their sweaty body parts, discussions about treatment, Q&As, stories of hope and struggle, and offer advice to other members.  

r/Hyperhidrosis (Reddit)

Boasting a member count surpassing 17,000 members, the r/Hyperhidrosis subreddit is a good place for you to connect with others. You can find an assortment of posts including discussions about treatment options, personal success stories, chats about lifestyle management and much more.  

Check Your Sweat 

Check Your Sweat appears to be a newer community that’s not a social media group but rather, a professional site that connects sufferers to key resources. With that said, it offers a robust “portal” so-to-speak, where users can learn more about the condition, seek a diagnosis and find their ideal line of treatment. 


When it comes to treating hyperhidrosis, there’s no doubt that connecting with other people is powerful. However, going directly to a source of professional help is often the best course of action you can take to find relief. Here is a look at professional organizations you can get in contact with. 

International Hyperhidrosis Society (SweatHelp) 

You won’t find another organization that offers as many resources like the International Hyperhidrosis Society. They provide the web’s largest hub of advice and direction for hyperhidrosis sufferers: success stories, research studies, treatment options, professional directories and much more. 

Hyperhidrosis UK

Don’t let the name put you off - Hyperhidrosis UK offers plenty of resources for sufferers worldwide. You can find a wide range of links to doctors, educational resources, advice on treatment options and product offerings. 

American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD)

The AAD has not focused on hyperhidrosis management alone, but they do offer some comprehensive guides for patients. You can find plenty of information about the condition itself, not to mention, advice on treatment and self-care, all of which is provided by certified dermatologists. 

Educational Channels/Accounts

Need an outsider perspective from other sufferers or researchers who have unique insights or findings of hyperhidrosis? You can find these folks all over the web, but here are a few key content creators who have made a splash when it comes to hyperhidrosis discussions. 

My Life as a Puddle

Maria Thomas, owner of the blog My Life as a Puddle, is a writer and hyperhidrosis advocate (and sufferer) providing biweekly and monthly posts for her fellow patients. You can find a mix of interviews, insights, updates, stories and more, all of which are designed to raise awareness and foster acceptance of the condition. 

Hyperhidrosis Network 

One part community, one part resource hub, Hyperhidrosis Network is a great starting point if you’re looking for quick and concise answers to your questions about the condition. The Hyperhidrosis Network forum is fairly active too, and can serve as an alternative to other forums and social channels such as the ones mentioned above.  

Know Sweat (Podcast)

Created by the good folk at the International Hyperhidrosis Society, Know Sweat is an informative podcast that explains, enlightens and engages listeners with hyperhidrosis insights. Each episode is unique and you can hear all sorts of interesting content ranging from doctor Q&As, personal stories and even poetry readings.  

Product Offerings for Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Depending on where you are in your hyperhidrosis journey, your sole objective at present may simply be finding relief. You should start by seeking professional help from your family doctor or a dermatologist, but you can buy products that function as “makeshift” hyperhidrosis treatments. 


A hyperhidrosis-focused brand, ZeroSweat’s offerings include antiperspirant lotions, sweat pads and wipes designed to keep you dry. Zero Sweat products are FDA compliant and at the time of this writing, boast nearly 1,300 positive reviews from happy customers. 


There are many DIY iontophoresis machines out there, but few beat professionally built devices such as those made by Dermadry. Their iontophoresis machine is a hit among hyperhidrosis sufferers and unlike DIY devices, you can find customer support for Dermadry units. 

Neat Apparel 

Apparel for excess sweating is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to stay dry -  our line of sweat-resistant fabrics will help you in that regard. Our sweat proof shirts are composed of moisture-wicking materials that help you feel and look dry faster than other types of clothing. 

Don’t Fight Hyperhidrosis Alone

Excessive sweating can leave you feeling isolated, alienated and frustrated. However, with a wealth of tools at your fingertips, you can take a proactive approach by connecting with other sufferers and professionals who can help you fight back. You don’t have to face this irritating condition by yourself.