How to Look and Feel Sweat-Free...Head to Toe

You can find remedies for any body part that sweats excessively.

Hyperhidrosis can strike any part of the body, whether it’s at the very middle of your scalp or the bottommost corner of your foot. It is relentless. But the good news is that there’s a fix for excessive sweating regardless of where it strikes. This post will serve as a “product” guide or a guide of hacks to help sufferers feel and look dry no matter where they sweat from. 

Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis

A drenched forehead or a perpetually moist scalp may seem impossible to hide. A sweaty forehead may shine under the lights, while a sweaty scalp may lead to a fair share of bad hair days. But you don’t have to live like this forever. Although craniofacial hyperhidrosis may be challenging to conceal, you can minimize a sweaty facial appearance with the right products for hyperhidrosis treatments. 

Moisture-wicking Headband  

For more casual activities, you can wear a moisture-wicking headband to conceal a sweaty forehead. Not only do they act as a concealer, but they can also help prevent sweat from dripping into the eyes or face and thus spare you from excess irritation or having to constantly wipe. Moisture-wicking headbands come in a variety of styles, fits and colours, so you do have options. 

Moisture-wicking Skull Cap or Hat

A sweaty scalp gives you that wet-hair look, which you don’t want to show in public. 

Moisture-wicking skull caps or hats hide the excess sweating in the scalp. More importantly, they wick away moisture from the scalp so that your head and hair dry off fast. Skull caps may not be ideal for settings - they’re better suited for athletic or casual activities - but the right hat may do the trick for many more occasions.  

Waterproof Makeup & Skin Care

Sweat and makeup (as well as other skincare products) don’t mix. When they do, the result is a messy, molten look (for makeup especially) that can ruin a night out. Fortunately, waterproof makeup and skincare products can withstand the presence of water, so that sweat doesn’t wash them out. 

Axillary Hyperhidrosis 

Heavy sweating from the armpit can make you wooden and stiff - after all, you probably don’t want to raise your arms in fear of others seeing your pit stains. Fortunately, axillary hyperhidrosis is an easy beast to tame with the right items. Here’s a look at some helpful products for armpit sweating. 

Moisture-Wicking Sweatshirt

Nothing will make you look and feel dry as quickly as a moisture-wicking shirt. Through the process known as capillary action, they pull moisture (sweat) from your skin through tiny pores so that moisture rises to the surface of the fabric. Once there, it evaporates. The result? You’ll feel and look so dry that people will hardly notice you’re sweating, even you. 

Antiperspirant Stick 

Of course, an antiperspirant should be an essential choice if you have sweaty armpits. You can buy antiperspirant sticks as an over-the-counter product, or as a medicated one prescribed by your doctor. Most of them are aluminium-based and highly effective at reducing heavy sweating. 

Layered Wardrobe

This one is less of a product and more of a hack. Wearing layers - which may include textured patterns and dark colours - can draw attention away from the sweat itself. Onlookers will notice the colours and patterns first, and you can hide sweat stains with them. It won’t make you feel dry per se, but at least you’ll look so. 

Palmar Hyperhidrosis 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, sufferers of palmar hyperhidrosis probably hated handshakes like nothing else. Social distancing made alternative greetings okay, so they can probably avoid the awkwardness that a sweaty handshake may induce. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared if you may need to shake hands again. 

Antiperspirant Wipes  

This is where the lines between product and medicine get blurred - with antiperspirant wipes. You can purchase these wipes over-the-counter or online (although some are prescription-based). Ultimately, these wipes contain sweat-blocking compounds that can reduce the amount of sweating you experience. 

Anti-Sweat Lotion 

If wipes aren’t your thing, you can opt for a lotion instead. There are medicated hand lotions that can reduce the volume of sweat in your hands, making them less clammy and wet. The good news about these hand lotions is that they’re largely available as over-the-counter products, many of which are available online. 

Natural & Organic Supplements

You can find some of the best remedies for sweaty hands under your sink or in your medicine cabinet. For example, baking soda is alkaline and can evaporate sweat quickly so that your hands dry off fast. 

And supplements such as sage (notably sage leaves) or witch hazel, are astringents and help prevent the release of excessive sweat. As long as you’re not sensitive to any of these supplements, you can use them to help reduce hand sweating. 

Plantar Hyperhidrosis

Sweating from the feet may be the least embarrassing since it’s not outwardly visible, but it’s no less frustrating to live with. Plantar hyperhidrosis needs management just like the other forms. Here’s what you can do about it. 

Moisture Wicking Socks 

By now you’ve noticed a pattern in this article, and that’s mention of moisture-wicking products - your feet can benefit from them as well. Moisture-wicking socks can dry your feet off fast so that you’re not walking in a puddle all day. You can also get antimicrobial socks, the kind that prevents bacterial and fungal growth and by extension, prevent nasty foot odours. 

Sweat Absorbing Insoles

Your choice of shoes and insoles, especially, can help you feel like you’re not walking on water. Many shoes contain breathable fabrics and also have absorbent and deodorizing insoles that can help keep your feet more dry. You can buy these shoes online or you can visit a podiatrist for treatment options and help you find the right ones. 

Wash Your Feet 

Don’t underestimate one of the simplest self-care practices out there - foot washing. Your feet will thank you for it. Washing your feet removes sweat and cools down your skin, further reducing the output of sweat. More importantly, regularly washing removes bacteria and fungi from the folds of skin which thrive in moisture created by sweat. 

A Little More on the Dry Side

Living with hyperhidrosis of any form or combination can feel unmanageable at times. But the reality is that it is manageable. Medical treatment helps control the more severe or nagging cases, but the hacks and products mentioned above make it easier to live with as well. Experiment with any one or combination of these fixes. You may soon realize that sweating or having a very dry mouth doesn’t need to put a damper on your life whatsoever. 

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