Armpit Detox: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Armpit Detox: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Cleansing detoxes and diets are common for health and weight loss. They use fasting and specific foods to allow them to rebalance and restore the body’s internal systems. An armpit detox operates on a similar principle, but instead of focusing on diet, it focuses on topical applications to the armpit.

What is an Armpit Detox?

An armpit detox is a cleansing treatment for the armpits. The detoxee follows certain steps, like refraining from using antiperspirants and detoxes for a set time. This allows the pores to clear and removes antiperspirant/deodorant buildup. This is especially useful if your deodorant or antiperspirant is losing its effectiveness.

In addition to clearing pores, this technique is said to rebalance bacteria. Ongoing antiperspirant use can change the bacterial flora in your armpits. As a result, this rebalancing transition phase is often a necessity when switching to a natural deodorant. Otherwise, the new deodorant may be less effective.

Fact or Fad?

Armpit detoxes are relatively new, so we’re taking a look at the known facts so you can decide whether it’s just another fad or something you should consider.

Why You Might Benefit From an Armpit Detox

Armpit detoxes are known to reduce bacteria and rebalance natural bacterial flora. This can reduce excessive body odor, as well as making deodorants or antiperspirants more effective post-detox. As a bonus, many users claim that it results in softer/smoother skin.

Who is it For?

The primary user of an armpit detox is someone who is considering switching over to natural deodorant. Or, someone who has tried to switch and found the natural product to be ineffective or irritating. The detox often solves both these problems, reducing discomfort and rebalancing the bacteria to make natural ingredients effective.

The second group of users includes people who want to manage armpit odor or have noticeable clogged pores in their armpits. These users may want to continue using standard or medicated products, but have found them becoming less effective. An armpit detox hits a reset button on the bacteria, instead of having to use stronger and stronger products.

Does it Work?

Like any new health trend, there is a bit of a grey area. Armpit detoxes are too new to have any definitive studies yet. Instead, we have to rely on testimonials. While many individuals have seen great results, scientific proof could still be years away. Still, if you’ve tried everything else, this is a risk-free way to try something new.

There are, however, some claims about armpit detoxes that you should disregard altogether. Claims like pulling toxins from the body or reducing cancer risks are completely unsubstantiated. No evidence supports these claims, and so they are not good reasons to pursue this detox.

Is it Safe?

An armpit detox is safe for anyone. You are merely “fasting” your antiperspirant or deodorant for three to four weeks. Masks and other topicals that you may apply are natural and typically non-irritating.

There is, however, some potential for mild side effects. The first is that you may have stronger body odor in the beginning, as your body rebalances the bacterial flora. 

As well, some people experience rashes early on, this is typically a result of bacterial growth before your body adjusts. Keeping your pits from becoming humid and trapped by avoiding direct heat and wearing moisture-wicking shirts reduces bacterial growth.

How to Perform an Armpit Detox

Step 1: Deodorant Fasting

For the duration of the detox, generally three to four weeks, refrain from using deodorant or antiperspirant. This is necessary to remove buildup and allow pores to clear. As well, it stops the bacteria from actively fighting against it. As a result, the bacteria remaining after the detox is weaker and easier to control.

Step 2: Detox Mask Recipe

A home remedy to combat sweat, an armpit detox mask helps to speed up the cleansing process. As well as clearing out the pores more effectively. You can make your own at home with three simple ingredients.

  • Apple cider vinegar - 1 teaspoon
  • Bentonite clay - 1 tablespoon
  • Water - 2 teaspoons (room temperature)

Mix the ingredients until they achieve a creamy consistency. Then spread it evenly over your armpits.

The first few times you try this armpit mask it’s best to leave it on for a short time, just three to five minutes. There is sometimes redness or discomfort early on. If there is any pain, remove immediately and discontinue use.

Over time you can begin to increase the time you leave the mask on, working up to no more than 20 minutes at a time. Then rinse off with warm water. 

Step 3: How Long is an Armpit Detox?

Although the average armpit detox is three to four weeks, everyone is different. Monitor your body to determine when the right time to stop is. For most people, that means continuing to avoid deodorants and antiperspirants while continuing the armpit mask until there is no more armpit odor.

If you’re using the detox because natural deodorants irritate your skin, continue the detox until the irritation no longer occurs.

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