How to Choose Scrub Undershirts to Stay Cool & Dry

Scrubs often need sweat proof undershirts for moisture protection.

When you’re powering through a 12 hour hospital shift, you may feel too busy to change from a sweaty undershirt into a dry one. So you have to go into battle prepared. The best way to do this is by wearing scrub undershirts that cool and dry you off fast and efficiently. Finding the best scrub undershirts might pose a challenge, but we’ve got a few tips to help you choose the right one.  

The Best Type of Scrub Undershirts

The best scrub undershirts you can wear are moisture-wicking fabrics. These materials contain tiny holes known as “micropores” that pull water from your body up through the fabric so that it reaches the surface of the fabric. Once up top, exposure to heat evaporates the water. This process is known as “capillary action”, and it’s the reason why moisture-wicking fabrics cool and dry you off faster than other types of materials. 

For example, moisture-absorbing fabrics hold sweat, but they don’t release it (or wick them away), so you might still feel cool and wet for long periods of time. Also, fabrics that are only breathable allow air to pass through them, but don’t trap and release moisture. Moisture-wicking shirts, on the other hand, are naturally breathable, naturally absorbent, and more importantly, excellent at releasing moisture/sweat. That means you’ll feel more comfortable throughout a long shift, and won’t have to worry about changing your undershirt midway through. 

Additionally, you should opt for scrub undershirts that are lightweight (to keep you cool) and durable (to last). Also, seek out shirts that contain odor-resistant material as well so that you don’t have to contend with B.O. when you do get sweaty. Many moisture-wicking fabrics offer lightweight comfort, durability and stink-resistance. 

Neat Sweat Proof Shirts: The Best Scrub Undershirts to Wear 

We might seem a little biased here, but we’re going to make our line of NEAT Apparel undershirts the focus of our recommendations. They combine the best features of all fabrics to give you the utmost protection against sweat and its discomforts. 

Neat Apparel Undershirts Benefits

  • Fast-drying - You can focus on patient needs without having to think about sweat or changing your undershirt. 
  • Reduces stickiness - No need to fight to ignore the distraction of that uncomfortable sweaty feeling. 
  • Hides sweat - You won’t look sweaty and that means you won’t feel self-conscious about looking sweaty.  
  • Stain-resistant - No need to spend excess time trying to remove unsightly stains. 

You can use our shirts under the hottest and most grueling conditions, and they’ll still repel sweat. The worst you may see are isolated sweat stains here and there - a far cry from other shirts that would look and feel drenched.

Additional Tips to Stay Cool & Dry in Your Scrubs

Sweat-resistant undershirts with their moisture-wicking fabrics can do wonders, but they’re no magic bullet. You still need to do some prep work if you want to stay cool and dry during your shift. Fortunately, what you’ve got to do is fairly straightforward. 

Wear Antiperspirant 

If you sweat more than the average person, then a long shift as a medical staffer might make heavy sweating inevitable, unavoidable even. However, wearing antiperspirant blocks sweat glands, reducing the volume of sweat you would normally produce. Over-the-counter antiperspirant will suffice for most people, but hyperhidrosis sufferers will need a prescription-strength, aluminum-based antiperspirant. 

Take Breaks 

When and where possible, take a timeout. A few minutes to catch a breather will help give your body a chance to cool down, meaning that it will also slow down its sweat production even if temporarily. And taking a break serves another important purpose - it’s a de-stressor. Too much stress will only make you sweat more, not to mention, make you feel miserable. So don’t be afraid to ask for someone to cover you at times!

Stay Cool (and Dry) Under Pressure

Being a frontline worker in the medical world is tough. Whether it’s filling out charts or dealing with crisis patients, it’s very easy to forget about your own comfort when the health of others comes first. But that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the feeling of being cool and dry. 

The right scrub undershirts will repel sweat so that you’re not distracted by the wet and sticky sensation you’ve grown accustomed to. With a cool and dry feel, you’ll be able to perform under high-pressure situations without the nagging physical discomfort that sweat may bring. 

Looking for sweat-proof, moisture-wicking fabrics that can help you feel and look dry? Check out our line of sweat-proof t-shirts made with patented technology to help you dry off fast!