5 Celebrities Who Live With Hyperhidrosis & How They Handle It

David Hasselhoff.

Celebrities may at times seem larger-than-life because of their fame, looks, wealth and talent. But they’re human just like everyone else. That means they too can suffer from any ailment or injury - hyperhidrosis included. With that said, there are some notable figures in pop culture that suffer from excessive sweating. This post will take a look at these famous faces and how they deal with it. 

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Whether you saw her in The Mask or Charlie’s Angels, it’s hard to remember a time when Cameron Diaz wasn’t a Hollywood stunner. What you probably don’t know about her is the fact that she suffers from excessive sweating - she is one of many celebrities with hyperhidrosis. Diaz was actually spotted with sweat patches when photographed at a red carpet event for the premier of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. But that hasn’t stopped her at all from maintaining her rank as one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

We could list all of Halle Berry’s accomplishments but that would take an entire post. Here’s a short-list: she’s an Academy and Oscar-award winner, was crowned Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine in 2008, and continues to be a sought-after actress 30 years after her Hollywood debut. 


What many don’t know about her is the fact that she’s a celebrity with hyperhidrosis. In fact, she opened up about her excessive sweating back in 2010 when she appeared on Ellen, where she revealed her armpit stains to the audience. Before then, she has been photographed with patches of moisture under arms at industry events. But she has sought treatment for hyperhidrosis - Botox being her choice - and she seems to have the condition under control.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell


Steve Carell has established himself as the relatable funnyman who can bring laughs both on the big screen and small screen. He starred in comedic gems such as Get Smart and cemented his legacy in the critically acclaimed and unforgettable series, The Office


Speaking of the latter, Carrell had a bit of a challenge on set - excessive sweating. Yes, he is another celebrity with hyperhidrosis. While he was filming episodes of The Office, he would sweat so much that his clothes would show stains on camera, prompting the production team to lower the studio temperatures to keep him comfortable. 


He’s also been seen breaking out into a heavy sweat during live T.V. interviews as well. It’s not clear whether Steve Carell has received treatment for his excessive sweating, but it certainly doesn’t appear to have held him back. 

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

If you’re a fan of classic T.V. hits such as Baywatch and Knight Rider, then David Hasselhoff is certainly a face you can’t forget. “The Hoff” was an icon in the 70s and still revered as a pop culture figurehead even though he is sometimes seen as a meme. 

With that said, Hassefhoff has also been recognized for his excessive sweating. As a celebrity with hyperhidrosis, he has been photographed with large armpit stains a countless number of times. A quick google image search will yield plenty of examples.

But excessive sweating hasn’t ruined Hasselhoff’s reputation, and he has achieved career highlights that overshadow any of the sweat stains on his shirt.

Robert Pattinson

The Twilight movie saga catapulted Robert Pattinson to fame and established him as a certified teen heartthrob. Young women swooned over the English actor for his brooding persona yet “model” looks and his role as the world’s most famous on-screen vampire. But he also suffered from excessive sweating, a trait which you wouldn’t associate with a handsome actor. 


Pattinson admits that he sweats like a “crazy person”, and has had awkward movie shoots because of it. A particularly embarrassing one involved scenes with co-star Julianne Moore in the flick Maps To The Stars, where he sweated so heavily that Moore worried about his health. He admits trying to catch sweat drops from hitting her. 


But even though he’s a celebrity with hyperhidrosis, Pattinson doesn’t seem to be missing out on opportunities. He has shown increased versatility and range as an actor, co-starring with John Washington in the sci-fi thriller Tenet and will make his debut as Batman in spring 2022. 


He clearly has the upper hand against hyperhidrosis.

Lessons to Learn From their Experience

These five famous figures could have crumbled in an industry that is relentless and unforgiving, where one’s appearance and image can literally serve as a lifeline. Nevertheless, they have all thrived and haven’t allowed hyperhidrosis to stall their careers and achievements. 

They’ve sought treatment (in the case of Halle Berry) or had accommodations (in the case of Steve Carell) to help them work through excessive sweating. You may not become the next Hollywood superstar, but they show us that sweating doesn’t have to limit one’s potential. 


Keep this mind if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. With the right combination of treatments, lifestyle modifications and practical tools such as wearing a sweat proof shirt, you too can reach your potential without sweat holding you back.  


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