The Head-to-Toe Style & Wardrobe Guide for Excessive Sweating

Hide excessive sweating and dress up

Too much sweating can turn a person into a hermit of sorts. They can act reluctant to try new things or avoid certain social settings. It can also dampen their willingness to dress nicely because of sweat stains potentially ruining their clothes. Do you feel this way? If so, rest assured that excessive sweating doesn’t have to limit your fashion sense. This post will take a look at some grooming tips to help you conceal excessive sweating so that you can dress up without holding back. 

Wear the Right Colors 

Yes, it's the 21st century and bold and bright color schemes are en vogue. However, if you sweat heavily, then you have an excuse to be a little bit more conservative when it comes to your choice of color. Your best bet is to choose darker and more neutral colors such as black, brown, or navy. These colors hide sweat stains the best. Stains might still show if you sweat profusely, but they won’t look as noticeable as they would on a lighter-colored shirt.

Dress in Layers to Prevent Sweat From Seeping Through

When thinking about apparel for excessive sweating, always consider layering. It's a very simple concept - the more layers you wear the more absorption you'll have, making sweat less visible. 

You might assume that layering only makes sense for winter weather, but you can still wear layers in the summertime as long as they’re light and breathable. Regardless of when you wear layers, make sure to wear at least one piece of sweat-resistant clothing such as a sweat-proof undershirt (more on this later). 

Layering works well for professional and formal occasions when you would wear a dress shirt or suit jacket on top. However, you can apply layering for any occasion and any part of the body - cardigans, breathable jackets, scarves, and shawls could all contribute to your layering.

Wear All-Natural Fabrics

Synthetic fibers tend to be less breathable. As a result, it is harder to stay cool in them and they can exacerbate excessive sweating. That's why it's advantageous to wear natural fibers if you sweat heavily. Natural fibers, such as cotton, are more breathable and lightweight, making it easier for you to stay cool. 

Another benefit to wearing natural fibers is that they are likely to feel more comfortable on sensitive skin. Many hyperhidrosis sufferers do have sensitive skin, so wearing a synthetic fiber might cause irritation. If that's you, stick with clothing made from nature. The one caveat here is that if you’re allergic to a particular type of natural fiber, then you should avoid it altogether. 

Wear Sweat Resistant Clothing Underneath 

Sweat-resistant fabrics should be a top priority for you. While natural fibers do have some moisture-wicking ability, they're not specifically formulated to keep you dry very long. But a sweatproof undershirt has fabric construction that is specifically designed for moisture-wicking, allowing you to stay dry longer. This same construction also absorbs sweat better so that it reduces the appearance of stains. 

An effective sweat-resistant fabric should also minimize uncomfortable sensations such as stickiness. Our brand of sweatproof undershirts do all of the above - they keep you dry, mask the appearance of sweat stains, and reduce discomfort caused by excessive sweating.

Be Dry, Look Fly

If you look carefully at this article, you'll realize that there's virtually nothing you can't wear. You may want to avoid certain colors, but even then you only need to do so on certain occasions. With that said, the right combination of colors, layering, and sweat-resistant fabrics will help you overcome the discomfort and distraction of excessive sweating. You can do all of this without crimping your style!