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Sweat resistant fabric.

Living with hyperhidrosis can take a toll on your energy if not managed properly. But the keywords are “not managed properly”. The right treatments and hacks can help you gain the upperhand in the fight against excessive sweating. Among these hacks are hyperhidrosis products, namely, apparel and self-care items that can make excessive sweating less problematic. This post will take a look at these products and how they can make hyperhidrosis easier to live with. 

  1. Antiperspirant Hand Lotion 

If your palms are sweaty (we mean always sweaty), what you need is a bottle of lotion. But not just any lotion will do - you need a bottle of antiperspirant hand lotion. The best ones for hyperhidrosis contain a formula that mattifies wet skin - “mattify” meaning to make the skin less oily and moist. These lotions can take effect almost immediately, leaving affected regions feeling dry and virtually sweat-free. The beauty of these antiperspirant lotions is that they can work for sweaty hands and feet and some are even FDA-compliant, meaning they’re medicated and tested for safety and efficiency. 

  1. Sweat Proof/Moisture Wicking Shirt

Do you break out in sweats that leave unsightly armpit stains and wet blotches? While your first line of defense might be to carry an extra shirt with you, there’s a better way to combat armpit sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) - a sweat proof t-shirt. Sweat resistant fabrics that contain moisture wicking fabrics pull sweat from your body up to its surface where it will evaporate. 

This allows you to feel and look drier than you would without such material. With a sweat proof shirt, you can hide the appearance of sweat without having to hide or hide under a new pair of clothes. Our line of moisture-wicking, sweat proof T-shirts contain patented technology that helps you dry quickly even during an episode of heavy perspiration. 

  1. Waterproof Makeup 

Excessive sweating from the face, scalp and head (craniofacial hyperhidrosis) is one of the most challenging problem areas to deal with. It’s also irritating when sweat washes away makeup. Fortunately, that’s where waterproof makeup comes in handy. 

Primers, water-resistant mascara, liquid eyeliners and powdered makeup withstand heavy sweating far better than other makeup applications. With that said, it’s also wise to avoid certain products such as heavy foundations and dark colours which can smudge if sweat washes them out.

  1. Skull Cap/Moisture-Wicking Headbands

If you suffer from excessive sweating in the head, face or scalp, the struggle to keep it hidden is real. Hiding isn’t the only problem - some of that sweat can drip into your eyes and distract you at work or during your favourite hobbies. 

A sweat-resistant skull cap with moisture-wicking fabric works much like a moisture-wicking t-shirt, pulling water from your scalp and into the cap itself so it can evaporate. This ultimately leads to a drier head (in addition to the concealment the cap provides) and hair, so you won’t look like a sweaty mess up top. And the caps are made to be worn for a variety of activities ranging from sports to casual events. 

  1. Fast-Drying Towels/Washcloths

Sometimes, you absolutely need to carry a towel with you to wipe excess sweat off of your body. But not just any towel will do - your best bet is a fast-drying towel or washcloth. These kinds of towels usually contain microfibers and moisture-wicking materials that absorb water much faster than a traditional towel. And you’ll certainly need fast-absorption power if you’re dealing with a heavier-than-usual amount of sweating. 

  1. Oil-Free Sunscreen

After what felt like a ceaseless winter due to pandemic-related lockdowns, summer is finally here. However, the heat and sun can make life difficult for the hyperhidrosis sufferer who wants to sit at the beach or even bask in their backyard. We recommend using oil-free sunscreen if you’re going to spend time in the sun. Oil-free sunscreen is water-resistant, meaning that it won’t wash out when you sweat during summer activities. It’s also healthy for your skin in general because it won’t clog your pores. 

  1. Baby Powder 

Baby powder has been a go-to treatment for skin irritation from the days your grandparents were young. It’s effects against hyperhidrosis are two-fold. 

First off, baby powder can wick away sweat, which is important for looking and feeling dry. In fact, many people who suffer from excessive sweating who can’t wear antiperspirants, will use baby powder to stay dry. Secondly, baby powder helps to prevent the secondary skin complications that can arise from excessive sweating such as chafing and heat rashes. 

Baby powder is simple, unsophisticated and powerful. 

Hyperhidrosis Products that’ll Help You Fight Sweat Once and For All

Aside from medications, injections, lasers and any other hyperhidrosis treatment you can think of, there are hyperhidrosis products that can help make daily life easier. They’re easy to use and easy to find. 

Best of all, they’re backed by science and a community of sufferers who have found relief by using them. So if you’re looking for convenient and cost effective anti-sweat solutions, give these products a try. They’ll do wonders to help you stay dry. 

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