What Makes A T-Shirt Comfortable?

sweatproof t shirt fabric

Whether your aims are for high fashion or just kicking around the house, one need unites all clothing needs: Comfort.

When you go to a store, picking out a comfortable shirt is a little bit easier. You can feel materials and try them on. But these days, offline shopping is not a given. There are all sorts of reasons to shop for clothes online:

  • Better prices
  • Complete convenience
  • No exposure to COVID or other germs

So how do you find comfortable t-shirts online? We put together a quick guide on what to look for to get the best in comfort and quality for any purpose.


Too often overlooked, fit is one of the most important factors in choosing a comfortable t-shirt. A well-fitted shirt is neither too loose nor too tight. It sits on you comfortably and moves with you freely and without restriction. 

Not only is a proper fit more comfortable, it looks better too.

One of the best ways to determine fit online is by using a sizing chart. Since sizing isn’t always consistent across all brands, these can give you an accurate measurement for clothes that fit your body.

sweatproof shirt sizing chart

If you find yourself between two sizes - for example, a Large in height but a Medium for chest - it is better to choose the size that matches your chest measurement. 

Sewing tape, or soft tape measures, are a good way to measure your fit. They are flexible, so you can wrap them around your chest and arms for accurate sizing. This is the same tape measure a tailor uses, they are inexpensive and readily available. If you do not have one, an alternative is to measure with a piece of rope or string and compare the length to a ruler/measuring tape.

Finally, take shrinkage into consideration. If you purchase premium materials, such as those used in all Neat Apparel clothing, there is minimal shrinking after washing. As such, you can assume the listed sizing will remain accurate for you. If the products are of lower quality, they may shrink more noticeably after a wash.


Shopping in person, the material of a shirt is the most obvious tactile way to determine comfort. When trying to find a comfortable t-shirt online you lose that sense of feel. Instead, you have to rely on knowledge of different types and features of fabrics.

Soft fabrics, like cotton, are generally more comfortable to wear. However, cotton is more prone to shrinking and wears out faster than synthetic materials. As well, they often have less give. 

The most comfortable t-shirt fabrics are not only soft but also offer some stretch. To achieve this, it’s best to look for a blend that uses both mainly natural fabrics with some synthetics. Neat shirts, for example, use a 95% cotton, 5% polyester blend. This ensures maximum softness without sacrificing flexibility or stretch.


Finally, a truly comfortable shirt is a dry shirt. It’s not just workout clothing that needs to consider sweat. Any clothing can become uncomfortable through the moisture that accumulates over day-to-day wear.

The best option is to look for breathable, moisture-wicking t-shirts. By choosing hi-tech sweatproof materials you have a comfortable shirt that provides:

  • Sweat reduction and hiding (by wicking)
  • Faster drying
  • Less stickiness
  • Stain and water resistance

For moderate sweat, as you might experience during a normal day at the office, sweat is invisible and you stay comfortable and dry. This material even stands up to heavy and extreme physical activity, with minimal visible wet patches.

sweatproof shirt chart

Ready for optimal comfort with hi-tech moisture-wicking t-shirts? Shop Neat Apparel today!