3 Tips to Stop Sweating Through Your Shirts

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What do concerts, roller coasters and answering questions in class all have in common?


They’re all better when you can raise your hands in the air. 

If there’s one thing that’s sure to keep your arms pinned to your sides, it’s a sweat-stained shirt. We’ve all been there. Everybody sweats, but not everyone is limited by their perspiration. Today, we take a look into 3 simple tips that can help anyone stop sweating through shirts.

3. Change Your Habits

As much as our biology determines how much we sweat and what triggers our perspiration, we are still in control. Our habits can cause, avoid, or aggravate these triggers. So making conscious choices about our habits, we can learn to better master our perspiration.


What goes into your body dictates how its glands and regulatory systems function. In short, you sweat what you eat.

If you want to stop sweating through shirts, a good place to start is avoiding foods that raise your body temperature. Avoiding, or limiting, alcohol, red meat, and spicy foods can help keep your shirts dry and sweat-free.

Everyone’s system is different, and you may find other foods that trigger perspiration. Keeping a private log what you eat and when you sweat excessively can help you identify your triggers.


Keeping good hygiene habits can help manage sweat. Even if you already practice good hygiene, you may find that changing things up can reduce perspiration. For instance, changing up your antiperspirant and application habits can help many people.

Making a change to a clinical strength or prescription antiperspirant can reduce excessive sweating. As well, you may want to consider shaving your armpits to ensure a more thorough application. To further reduce sweat buildup, you can apply the antiperspirant overnight.

2. Change Your Mindset

Sweat is not always just a physical response. Emotions and mentality can directly cause sweating, especially with nervousness and anxiety. Finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety can help to keep your pits, and shirts, dry.

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to manage the emotional and mental components of sweat. Using calming techniques like meditation and yogic breathing can help relax your nerves and avoid excessive sweating.

You can also act proactively to prevent nerves and emotions from taking over. Avoid stressful situations where possible. Where not possible, being organized and prepared can give you confidence and assurance to get through the situation without anxiety.

1. Change Your Clothes

While you can make a significant difference in perspiration through healthy habits and mindfulness, you can’t avoid sweat altogether. If you’re going to sweat, and we all are, the most effective way to stop sweating through your shirts is by choosing sweat-smart clothing.

Choosing shirts made of breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking technology helps to reduce the volume of sweat and wicks away any perspiration that forms before it can set in and stain. Neat sweatproof t-shirts use advanced sweat-resistant fabric that offers greater protection against sweat than competitors.

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Another effective approach to preventing sweat-stained shirts is using undershirts. These are especially useful with excessive sweating or under your work clothes. They absorb and remove sweat before it can damage, or start to show on, your favourite shirts.

As with t-shirts, it’s best to shop undershirts with moisture-wicking fabrics. Sweatproof undershirts are a better alternative to armpit shields. They are both more comfortable and more effective than shields.

Take control of your sweat. Shop sweatproof t-shirts and undershirts today!