The Hyperhidrosis Checklist: Diagnosing Excessive Sweating

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Unmanaged, excessive sweating can affect your comfort and quality of life. If a medical condition is the source of your sweating, diagnosis can help you learn the best ways to treat/manage it. 

Although a doctor visit is necessary to officially diagnose, this simplified checklist can help you get an idea of whether you suffer from hyperhidrosis. Your answers to these questions can help your doctor, and may even help secure insurance coverage - depending on your plan.

Hyperhidrosis Checklist Questionnaire

Personal Questions

  • Do you often think/worry about sweating? How many times per day?


  • Have you had to change social plans due to sweating or fear of sweating? How often?


  • Do you experience distress as a result of sweating in public?


  • Do you ever experience skin infections or irritations as a direct result of sweat or attempts to manage it?


Career Questions

  • Does your sweating affect/limit your career choices or performance? How so?


  • Have you ever lost a job or career opportunity as a result of sweating?


  • Have you damaged work materials (papers, electronics, devices) or personal items as a result of excessive sweating?


Sweat Management Questions

  • Do you spend more time than average dealing with sweat? How many minutes per day?


  • Do you have to change clothes due to sweating (not as a result of strenuous physical activity)? How many times per day?


  • Have you had to purchase new clothes or shoes due to sweat? How often?


  • Do you take sweat management supplies with you at work or social events (ex. Extra deodorant, change of clothes, pads)?


How to Use the Checklist


Filling out a checklist is no replacement for a medical professional. Although it cannot satisfy a true diagnosis on its own, it can help you understand whether you might be dealing with hyperhidrosis.

When using this list, the more questions you answer yes to, the higher the likelihood of hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis affects people differently, so you may only experience a handful of these instances. 

If you answer yes to 3 or fewer questions, but still feel that your sweating is excessive and/or has a negative impact on your life, it can still be worth taking the checklist to your doctor.

Take the Hyperhidrosis Checklist to Your Doctor

When you visit your doctor to discuss hyperhidrosis, bring your completed questionnaire with you. The answers can help the doctor assess your risk factors and identify possible triggers. 

By bringing relevant information, you can help assure a more accurate diagnosis. This can help with getting a better hyperhidrosis management program.

Be Detailed

Provide as much detail as possible. Providing clear answers allows for a more accurate diagnosis. For example, if you find yourself having to change clothes more often during the workweek than on the weekend, it may lead to identifying workplace stressors as a trigger for sweat.

The better you can identify triggers and causes, the more effective your sweat management options.

Take Sweat Management Into Your Own Hands

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