Bedtime Routines to Combat Daytime Sweat

bedtime routines to combat daytime sweating

Bedtime routines aren’t just to keep away the night sweats. How you prepare at night affects how your body sweats the following day. We’re taking a look at a few easy bedtime routine changes you can make to reduce daytime sweat.

Shower at Night

For many of us, the shower is a key part of our morning routine. It’s nice to start the day feeling clean and fresh. But if you’re having trouble with perspiration, you may want to try getting that fresh feeling at night.

By showering before bed you get a chance to clear away all the excess grime and any leftover antiperspirant. As well, you clean out your pores and remove odor-causing bacteria. If these are left to fester overnight, bacteria can grow and pores can work overtime once they start to sweat.

Armpit Masks

Bacteria in your armpits can have odor-causing enzymes that create the foul B.O. smell when you sweat. Consider adding bacteria-killing to your bedtime routine. 

An armpit mask is one good way to kill bacteria. For instructions on creating a cheap and simple armpit detox mask, read our Armpit Detox: Beginner Guide. The mask helps to clear pores while actively killing bacteria.

A mask isn’t the only option for killing armpit bacteria naturally. The acids in citrus or apple cider vinegar can kill bacteria without damaging the skin. For apple cider vinegar, pour some onto a clean cotton cloth and gently apply to the armpit or affected area. For citrus, you can use a lemon wedge directly on the skin. If there is any irritation, discontinue use.

Apply Antiperspirant Before Sleep

We tend to sweat less at night, so applying antiperspirant may seem unnecessary. However, this actually makes it the ideal time. Putting on antiperspirant at night gives plenty of time for the active ingredients to set in. This ensures that it will effectively block pores, keeping sweat at bay the following day.

If you apply antiperspirant while already sweating, or if you sweat soon after application, it isn’t as effective.

There’s no need to stop with the armpits. Wherever you sweat most heavily, try applying antiperspirant. Start with a small area first to make sure there is no irritation.

Sleep with Sweat-Wicking Shirts

You can combat sweat all night long without chemicals or irritants by wearing sweat-wicking shirts. These act as effective sweatproof sleepwear, removing sweat actively while you sleep. This keeps your pores clean and prevents bacterial buildup all night long. As a result, you wake up dry and stay drier throughout the day.

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