The Hyperhidrosis Color Theory: What Shades to Wear if You Sweat Too Much

Dark colors are the best ones to wear to hide sweat.

It can take time for excessive sweating to respond to treatment. In the meantime, the best thing you can do is minimize the appearance of sweat with the right type of fabrics. But there is also color. Wearing the right shades/colors can downplay how much sweat stains show, and it’s something every sufferer should think about when buying clothes. This post will take a look at the most suitable colors for hyperhidrosis sufferers. 

The Best Colors to Hide Sweat Stains

The best colors you can wear to conceal heavy sweating are dark ones and very light ones. Dark colors such as black and navy are some of the most effective shades at your disposal. Browns and dark reds (burgundies) are also viable options for the hyperhidrosis sufferer. Very light colors are also ideal choices for excessive sweating. White is your best friend on the light end of the spectrum, or any shade close to it. 

Generally, you want to avoid everything in between, until, at least, you get better control of your sweating. Bright colors are an absolute no-no since they highlight sweat stains and soaked pits like nobody’s business. Stay far away from your hot pink shirt - it’ll draw attention to your wardrobe yes, but also, sweat stains if they’re present. Greys are also not your friend so pass on them as well. 

Ultimately, you want to stick with colors that are on the dark and light ends of the spectrum (or palette, however you want to call it). They will conceal sweat stains the best. This goes for everyone, whether you have hyperhidrosis or just want to minimize the appearance of sweat on hot days or in unexpected situations. 

Our line of NEAT Apparel sweatproof t-shirts typically come in the dark or light colors, which by nature, hide the appearance of sweat. 


Patterns & Layers for Excessive Sweating 

Follow the color guidelines listed above and you’ll have won half the battle. Maybe a little more than half. But wearing the right patterns and layers can help you hide sweat stains even further. 

Plaid and camo patterns do a great job of hiding sweat spots, so give those a try. In fact, the majority of patterns conceal sweat stains to some extent, because they command more attention to their details than other areas of a shirt.

The right amount and combination of layers will also help you conceal sweat better as well. We’ve covered this before, talking about moisture-absorbing and moisture-wicking materials, some being more effective than others. We’re sticklers for moisture-wicking materials since they do a better job of pulling sweat away from visible areas of your shirt, making them ideal for layering. They include the likes of merino wool, polyester/nylon and wool. 

These materials are ideal for a wide range of activities including athletic, casual, and professional ones. In general, cotton makes a poor choice for sweaty individuals because it has a tendency to soak up sweat instead of pulling it away, resulting in a wetter feel and appearance.


Dress Down Your Sweat Stains With the Right Color Choices 

Dress and grooming choices are a band-aid solution for addressing hyperhidrosis. Ultimately, you should tackle excessive sweating aggressively, choosing the right treatments and lifestyle choices to keep your symptoms under control. 

Nevertheless, wearing the right colors can downplay the appearance of sweat and sweat stains to the point where they’re hardly noticeable. You may need to add or remove a few shades to your palette, but you can still dress tastefully and fashionably. And don’t forget sweatproof shirts - they can go a long way as well. Ultimately, you can look dry without looking dull. 

Looking for more tips to help you manage hyperhidrosis? Visit our NEAT Freaks blog for more insights on staying dry.