Sweat Proof Undershirts VS Armpit Shields

Sweatproof Undershirt

So you’re ready to put an end to pit stains on your favourite shirts. You know the options are out there, but you don’t know which is right for you. Well, we’ve got your back (and your pits!). 

Today, we’re comparing sweat-proof undershirts and armpit shields to help you discover which is best for you.

Sweat-Proof Undershirts

Sweat-proof undershirts use advanced moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and remove sweat before stains and odors can occur on your clothes. The material keeps you cool with breathable material that wicks sweat off your body, dispersing it for rapid evaporation.


It’s highly effective. This approach manages your sweat, rather than just trying to hide it. Since you can’t stop your body from sweating, the smartest approach is to actively remove and reduce perspiration with sweat-wicking undershirts.

Moisture-wicking shirts are more comfortable than armpit shields. There’s no intrusive padding causing discomfort or inhibiting movement. As well, since this technology wicks the sweat away, you don’t have uncomfortable sweat pools growing under your pits.


The material cannot absorb as much sweat as a shield. In fact, the moisture-wicking technology is specifically designed to be moisture-resistant. This means it absorbs minimal moisture, dispersing and evaporating it instead.

Armpit Shields

Armpit shields are the old school approach to perspiration. You stick a pad where you sweat, soaking up the moisture so it doesn’t bleed through to your shirt. So can it help stop armpit stains, yes, but how does it hold up against sweat-proof undershirts?


Armpit shields allow you to target the specific area where the sweat occurs (although moisture-wicking shirts do as well).

The shields are also very absorbent. This allows them to soak up a lot of sweat, protecting even heavy sweaters.


Absorbing sweat has a downside. While it disguises the appearance of sweat stains, it doesn’t prevent body odor. In fact, allowing so much sweat to pool in a contained area with poor ventilation can make the smell even stronger. That means having to regularly switch out armpit shields.

As well, having an underarm shield isn’t the most comfortable or discrete option. Sometimes the outline of a shield is visible under the shirt. They can also restrict movement, or cause discomfort - especially once they start to get wet.

Which is Best for Me?

In almost every instance, sweat-proof undershirts are the superior choice over armpit shields. You can’t stop your body from sweating, so it’s best to take the approach that tries to manage the sweat itself. Moisture-wicking fabrics don’t fight sweat, they handle it.

If you’re looking to keep dry, comfortable, and in style wherever you go, moisture-wicking clothes are your best bet. Shop men’s sweat-proof shirts from Neat Apparel and lift your arms with confidence.