Don’t Sweat It - Clothes for Hyperhidrosis Management

Hyperhidrosis Fabric

Hyperhidrosis can be a difficult challenge with no easy solution. The causes are many and the treatments are ineffective, temporary, or require surgery. As a result, hyperhidrosis management is often the best option. 

Today, we explore how to pick the best clothes for hyperhidrosis management.


Sweat-resistant fabrics vary in function, technology, and capabilities. All of which are largely dictated by materials. The best clothes for hyperhidrosis use materials that provide multiple benefits that help them simultaneously reduce and manage sweat.


Breathable fabric keeps the skin cool and prevents it from feeling trapped and sweaty. Any sweat that does appear evaporates more easily, before it sets too deeply into the fabric.


Heavy materials make your body hotter. A lightweight shirt keeps you cooler, even on hotter days. This is especially important for undershirts since you are already wearing layers. As well, denser, heavier fabrics allow sweat to pool. This makes for larger stains that are more likely to set and do not evaporate easily.


Moisture-wicking fabric is a crucial tool for hyperhidrosis management. They manage sweat as it appears, so even if you can’t stop sweating, you can stop odors and visible sweat stains. These fabrics absorb and disperse sweat, allowing for rapid evaporation.


Armpit stains are embarrassing and can prove difficult to remove. Choosing clothes that are resistant to stains helps keep you dry longer, as well as extending the lifespan of your shirts.


The design of your hyperhidrosis clothing also helps to reduce the visible appearance of sweat. While wearing sweat-proof undershirts provides discreet protection, visible clothing needs other considerations.

One simple trick is to choose darker colors for moisture-wicking shirts. Pit stains are harder to notice on darker shirts. Another approach is to wear contrasting outfits. The contrast pulls focus, distracts from any sweat stains.


Armpit stains are the most common concerns for sweaty clothing. Because of this, most brands narrow in on the pits and ignore the rest. But what if you have problems with back sweat, chest sweat, and/or belly sweat?

Hyperhidrosis clothing doesn’t use moisture-wicking technology throughout the entire shirt. In places where you don’t sweat as much other lightweight, breathable fabrics can provide protection with greater comfort. Unfortunately, for most brands that means only using sweat-wicking technology under the armpits. 

Make sure the hyperhidrosis clothing you choose targets more areas, to give you better sweat protection. NeatApparel targets all the key sweat threats, balancing effectiveness and comfort in fashion-forward apparel.

The Best Undershirt for Hyperhidrosis

Sweat-resistant undershirts keep you comfortable, confident, and dry whether or at work or enjoying a summer patio. NeatApparel uses advanced moisture-wicking technology to help manage hyperhidrosis in any situation.